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Raindrop Harmonics

Continuing Education Course Descriptions

Raindrop Harmonics Specialist & Practioner Certification:

    Planetary Classic VRT- Prerequisite for all of the other classes - 12 hour class + 3 case studies

     Body Systems VRT (formerly RH Phase 1) - 

      VRT Systems & Vibrational VitaFlex (VVF) - 12 hour class + 3 casestudies

      Chakra VRT (formerly RH Phase 2) -  

      Vibrational NeuroEndocrine Centers (VNEC), Vibrational Auricular Technique (VAT) - 

      12 hour class  + 3 case studies                                      

      Chromatic Raindrop Technique (CRT) (formerly RH Phase 3) -  12 hour class + case studies


      Practicum - 12 hour class + 3 case studies

 Other Raindrop Harmonics Elective Courses:​

          Sacred Solfeggio Classic VRT -  Using the Sacred Solfeggio frequencies in VRT and RH

           Pythagorean Classic VRT -  Using the Pythagorean frequencies in VRT and RH

           Trinity - Weaves the Trinity of VRT frequencies into a powerful Unity


    *For more information on the following requirements to become a Certified Raindrop Harmonics


    Specialist, please see*

       You will also need to complete the following:**
         > 10 CEU - professional ethics
         > 10 CEU - professional practices
         > 20 CEU - informed consent form
         > 30 CEU - anatomy & physiology
         > 45 CEU - basic coaching skills workshop
         > 75 CEU - Aromatherapy Intensive Paradigm


  *Those spiritual healers using aromatherapy, acupressure, reflexology, tuning forks, gemstones, and color          light modalities as one of their healing techniques must be licensed by their state, province, district or country    or become properly certified and maintain certification in these modalities.  Spiritual healers may use any of these techniques as spiritual healing techniques only as long as they remain properly credentialed.

  **Licensed Health Professionals (massage, nurse, physician, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc.) do NOT need to complete the NTCB coursework.  Upon completion of the AromaSounds basic curriculum of 5 classes as listed above, they may apply to perform a Proficiency Exam as the final criteria to become a Practioner.​

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