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Penny Cosner, LMT, SASI, CRHP, FCCI

Penny Cosner has been teaching Vibrational Raindrop since 2012.  She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) since 2002 and practicing Raindrop Technique since 2007.  After being introduced to the Raindrop Technique, Penny’s mission is to have all of her massage clients try a Raindrop at least once.


Penny’s passion is helping others with their health and wellness journey.  She does this by teaching Raindrop throughout the U.S. and offers Aromatherapy Coaching in her massage office.

Penny Cosner, LMT, ASI, CRHP, FCCI

Sandpoint, ID
Phone: +1.208.946.3692


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